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Aaron Paterson is a designer inspired by simplicity, typography and creating great user experiences.  He believes that good design is always invisible. He cares about ideas, good service design and problem solving. Aaron received a Bachelors in Graphic Design for Publishing in 2010 from the Norwich University College of the Arts (UK) and after graduating has gained tremendous experience from working with some of the best publishing and media groups in London(UK). While attending the George Brown College, Advanced Digital Design in Toronto, Canada, he sharpened his creative outlook in web and multimedia design and is constantly looking to better his skills and knowledge.


ike many of my peers, my dear mother has a really tough time explaining to her friends what I do. I am a digital designer and live in Toronto. Naturally, she is proud but when it comes to updating her friends on my actual job she dances around the question by describing ‘where’ I work, rather what I do there.

I asked her the other day to tell me what she tells her friends. The response was “You design digital e-books at a media agency.” Close enough mom, close enough. Her response represents the wider issue in the industry of communication. Thanks to developments in technology millennial children are creating and taking roles that were previously alien concepts. The value of many of these newer jobs varies among different groups of people. The job of a digital designer to one person could mean anything from a community manager to a user-experience designer, which makes managing expectations quite difficult. So if your own mother doesn’t understand your value in a company, how do you sell it to a client?

This is a problem that many people in tech– digital strategists, planners, developers and designers- currently face. Communicating the capability and role of digital to a brand (as a whole) is so important in portraying its value. This also helps to get ideas across the line. When clients are unfamiliar, ill-informed or unprepared they feel insecure and at a loss, and when presented with an idea they will tend to reject it- Trust me I know, I’ve been there too many times.

Communicating your role in a language that people (including your mother) understand – devoid of a generation gap – is key to showing your value as a creator.



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