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11 May / Grey Fox: Mods – the revival of a subculture?

Iremember seeing mods the first time round, in the sixties. Their annual scooter trips to Brighton were covered by a sensationalist press keen to report pitched battles with their subculture rivals, the rockers. But there was more to the mods – memories of their sharp sense of style will outlive the Margate skirmishes.

The mod style has never really gone away – I’ve seen it on the streets every year since it heyday in the sixties. Harringon jackets, Paul Weller and sharp mohair two-tone suits are not easily suppressed, even if later adaptations, such as skinheads, weren’t so attractive. Today Bradley Wiggins maintains interest in the style and his collaboration with Fred Perry revives mod-popular vintage-style cycling jerseys.

Adaptor Clothing is a brand that keeps the subculture going. Slim-cut, minimalist suits, clean silhouettes, smart looks, ties and coats are back. ‘Tonic’ suit fabrics, button-down collars, dogtooth check, narrow ties, Paisley scarves, loafers and desert boots – all are available. Grey Fox is in on the act as an old mod in a tongue in check sort of way
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