May 2014


“The Mod Subculture by Fred Perry”

26 May, by Aaron in Mod Life, Scooters

In 1978, England experienced a short-lived trend called ‘Mod Revival’. This revival was largely triggered by music. Just like how Mod in the 60s was a response to Rock, Mod Revival in the 80s was a response to Punk.

Shoe-less In America Part Two: Sandie Shaw

21 May, by Aaron in Mod Life

This was Sandie Shaw’s second U.S. 45 (we profiled her first here) which was launched in February 1965. It was also the closest she ever got to a U.S. hit (#42), her highest and only charting U.S. release in February 1965 . It reached #3 back home in the U.K….

Lancashire to host Mod’s 50th birthday bash

15 May, by Aaron in Mod Life

The North by North-West Festival will celebrate 50 years of Mod music at the Muni Theatre on June 6 and 7. No need to travel to Brighton, Margate or Clacton to take part in any Golden Anniversary celebrations, this Mod bash will feature some of the best-loved musicians of this scene….

Grey Fox: Mods – the revival of a subculture?

11 May, by Aaron in Mod Life

I remember seeing mods the first time round, in the sixties. Their annual scooter trips to Brighton were covered by a sensationalist press keen to report pitched battles with their subculture rivals, the rockers. But there was more to the mods – memories of their sharp sense of style will outlive…

Sheffield indie/mod band take their Itchy Feet on the road – The Star

01 May, by Aaron in Mod Life

Marc Wragg, drummer with Sheffield band The Monday Club, answers questions from Star entertainment writer Julia Armstrong ahead of the band’s next gig in Sheffield, on Friday (April 25). Julia: Tell us about the band Marc: We’re The Monday Club, a storming indie/mod three-piece with pop sensibilities. Our new CD…