Huckleberry’s Menswear It has been dressing stylish West Midlanders for 20 years.


23 Jul / Huckleberry’s Menswear celebrates wearing it well for 20 years in Wolverhampton

AAnd now staff at a shop in Wolverhampton city centre are celebrating reaching their landmark anniversary. Huckleberry’s Menswear first opened in Farmers Fold in 1994. It was launched by Steve Fold and his business partner Stuart Lees and was aimed at selling the best names in men’s fashion. And 20 years later it has become a staple for fashion-centric men in the Midlands. Mr Fold said: “We wanted to open something where we concentrated on the best names in men’s clothes.“We were the first shop in the country to stock Lambretta. Wolverhampton is my town. I don’t want to have to go to Birmingham and Carnaby Street to get my clothes.” Mr Ford bought Mr Lees out of the firm in 2000. The personality of the store is steeped in Mod culture, which first became popular in the 1960s. It has a jukebox from yesteryear which is played every Saturday and a Vespa scooter in the window.

Mr Ford says despite paying homage to the past he is looking to the future. “That’s what Mod is,” he said. “It stands for Modernists so we are always moving forward. I don’t want a Fred Perry polo from way back when, I want the latest thing. “A lot of people come here because they know they can get the latest clothes. I only ever buy one of each size when I get a shirt in. That way people can buy it and know that when they go out, it will be unique to them. “That’s what it’s all about, looking smart and having your own image. “There is a new revival now, and I’m still selling clothes to 16-year-olds who have been brought up by parents who were Mods. “I’m 55 now so I’ve got what, another 10, maybe 15 years left? I hope my son or someone would take it over. I would like to see it here for another 20 years.” Mr Ford added: “We have had to put up with a lot of competition over the last few years. When we started up there were plenty of places to buy men’s clothes but a lot of them have closed down.

“In the last few years, people buy more on the internet now, but we have got our own internet store. It just means we are running two businesses now and earning the same amount of money. But we have people coming from all over to see us. We are a destination store. If people come to the country and are interested in soul music and the clothes, they come to see us.

“We have had people in from New Zealand and Australia, and we send clothes out to Spain, Italy, France, all over.”

To celebrate the anniversary a 20th birthday party was held at the Newhampton Arts Centre, with a soul night called Out of Time. Mr Ford said: “It was a great night. We had about 170 people there and that’s good.

“We also had someone bring down one of only three scooters commissioned by The Who from Quadrophenia, so that went down really well.”

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